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What to look for when buying CBD Oil

What to look for when buying CBD oil

CBD oil. Everyone’s talking about it – young and old. And now, you’ve finally decided to try it for yourself. Welcome to your journey of good health and natural pain relief!

But now comes the tricky part – finding an oil that is right for you. There’s a lot out there, and each oil is different. It’s important to know what separates the authentic products from the phonies.

Knowing exactly what’s in your CBD product is important, from the potency to the purity. At Royal & Pure, we test our Colorado-grown hemp extracts with an accredited, independent lab. All the details are available and up to date here to provide transparency & trust.

So what do you need to look for when buying CBD oil? Read on to find out.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis and hemp – plants people often associate with marijuana.

It’s important to note that CBD doesn’t contain THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.

CBD oil is made by extracting the oil from the seeds, flowers, and stalks of hemp plants. It’s the most potent form of CBD.

So now that you know what CBD oil is, what should you consider when buying it?


1. How CBD oil is extracted

CBD oil needs to be extracted directly from a cannabis plant to obtain its rich health benefits. There are several types of methods used to do this, including:

● Extraction by solvent
● Olive or coconut oil extraction
● Steam distillation
● CO2 extraction.

But some companies try to cut costs by using cheaper, chemical-laden extraction methods. These are the ones to be wary of.

Ask if any chemicals such as butane or hexane have been used to extract the oil. These leave unsafe residues that compromise your immune system.

Other solvents, such as pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, are safe for human consumption but destroy the plant’s waxes – leaving you with a less potent oil.

Look for an oil that has been extracted using the CO2 method. It’s more expensive, but the quality of the oil is higher. Olive or coconut oil extraction is also a good option but results in a perishable oil. So always remember to store it in a cool, dark place to keep it at optimal potency longer.

2. Where CBD oil is sourced

No, we’re not talking about the shop or website you purchased it from. We’re talking about where and how the plant was grown. Why is it so important to know this? Because cannabis plants are ‘hyperaccumulators,’ meaning they absorb contaminants from the soil as it grows. If the soil is polluted with heavy metals or harmful chemicals, then the plant will likely contain high lead or mercury levels. Find oils that are sourced from organic-certified, hemp-grown farms in Europe. Germany, for instance, has a rigid regulatory system. Europe also has stricter organic standards than the US, which are rigorously audited. We grow our hemp right here, in Colorado. Like our German peers, we also adhere to strict organic standards and regular audits. We also have our own accredited, independent lab to test every hemp exact for potency and purity. Have a question for us? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about our products? Ask away! We have our team members waiting to help you. Contact us here.