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What is Full Spectrum CBD?

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Have you heard of full spectrum CBD? There are quite a few different types on the shelves at stores and available to order that you may be confused. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. This new wave of CBD products to hit the marketplace is an amazing way to supplement a healthy lifestyle. It just takes a little knowledge to break everything down to find out all about how these products work for a healthy life. After all, don’t we all just want to feel our very best?
In looking at different kinds of CBD products, just to let you know, most of our products at Royal & Pure are considered full spectrum CBD, including our tinctures and topical salves. Even our products for pets are full spectrum CBD. There are many reasons why this type of CBD is considered beneficial. Let’s explore why full spectrum CBD is highly effective and how it can advance your overall wellness plan.

Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is the type that has a mixture of many different cannabinoids strains in it. It’s naturally produced directly from the hemp plant and as far as the levels of THC go, all of our products are laboratory tested at less than 0.3 percent. CBD derived from hemp will not get you high whether it’s a Full Spectrum product or a CBD only product.
Full spectrum products contain more of the beneficial cannabinoids of the hemp plant than other types of isolated CBD products. All of those beneficial cannabinoids found within the hemp plant, includes flavonoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids have a stronger therapeutic effect when used all together. People who make and use these products call this the “entourage effect” because together these hundreds of plant compounds are better in conjunction than if you use only a single cannabinoid strain. Think of it like eating a whole orange versus just a single dose of any individual vitamin, such as vitamin C. The effects of full spectrum CBD also last longer because all the compounds are working together to produce the desired result.

Full Spectrum VS Isolate CBD

Using more plant compounds to make the full spectrum of CBD gives the end result product more vital uses. That’s in contrast to the single isolate type of CBD oil. Those just contain one type of very basic CBD. An “isolate” is considered 99.9 percent CBD that’s completely pure. It does have benefits by using it alone, but you may be interested to know that full spectrum products tend to offer more value as a whole.

Full Spectrum VS Broad Spectrum

Another variation of commonly sold CBD is what’s considered “broad spectrum” CBD. This type is almost the same as full spectrum but it doesn’t even contain even the trace amounts (0.3 percent) of THC some might be concerned about. People may use this type over a full spectrum product if they are concerned about even a minor amount of THC in their body. People that get drug tested for work on a regular basis, might use a broad spectrum CBD product that contains zero trace amounts of THC over a full spectrum CBD product, just to be on the safe side of having absolutely zero chance of THC showing up in their systems.

The Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil Products

When you look at some of the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil products they fall into different wellness categories. Many may help you relax and clear your mind depending on which one you use. Others may promote healthier joints and muscles when applied topically using a CBD salve or may help you gain a better night of rest. Some like to associate full spectrum products with the potential feeling of a better overall mood and less of feeling down and out. Our mission at Royal & Pure is mind, body, and soul rejuvenation with each product of ours that you use.
Letting the plant go to work in various products such as tinctures, salves, and bath bombs can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle plan. The hemp plants that we use are 100 percent organically grown around the beautiful rolling mountains of Colorado. The end products are natural, without any GMOs (genetically modified ingredients). Plus, everything we offer is made in the USA.

The Best Type of CBD Oil is Here

Royal & Pure full spectrum CBD products are created to help individuals access the hemp plant’s natural powers and benefits. If you have questions about which of the Royal & Pure products are right for you, feel free to give us a call or email today. Our talented staff will be happy to assist you on your journey to discovering CBD products that are right for you.