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What Is Full Spectrum and Why Is It Important?

These days CBD oil has become a massive part of the news cycle vocabulary. Thanks to relaxing legal standards, it is becoming extremely popular, and even the mainstream media is talking about it! 

The trick is that it’s all such a new market that there are often questions about the different types of products, oils, and spectrums. This is especially true when it comes to exploring the uses of CBD to aide with specific medical issues. 

Terms like whole plant medicine and full spectrum cannabis can be difficult to differentiate. This article can help you navigate this. We will talk about what full spectrum CBD is and why it is important. Just know that any time you hear the phrase “whole plant” in reference to CBD, it can be used interchangeably with “full spectrum,” as they are the same thing. 

What Is Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum cannabis is the process of using every compound found within the cannabis flower for therapeutic remedies. These remedies can use both THC and CBD based products. Breaking down the flower and leaves of cannabis reveals hundreds of unique molecular compounds. Cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, and over 500 minor variants are all contained in cannabis and hemp.

These compounds all contribute in different ways to how cannabis may interact with your body and be very therapeutic. They all work together to provide a variety of different potential benefits, called an entourage effect. The interactions vary based on the different ratios.

Full spectrum medicine can be used through vaping cannabis flowers, or by using the flower in edibles, extracts, lotions, and more. 

Why Is Full Spectrum Important?

Most health care providers who are experienced with cannabinoid remedies recommend full spectrum CBD over isolates. Due to the wide range of cannabinoids, if you restrict your options to THC and CBD, you may be losing a lot of therapeutically active remedies and options for treatment. Terpenes also have a huge affect on therapies and how the body may react to the CBD treatments. 

The entourage effect is when these components all work together thanks to being preserved in their natural form. Because this Is such a newly mainstream method of treatment, science hasn’t even scratched the surface of the benefits of this entourage effect. They have determined that there is a wide range of potential benefits that boost the effectiveness over CBD isolate treatments. 

Essentially, CBD isolate is like a vegetable that has been peeled and cooked in butter. It’s delicious, and you will still get some benefits and vitamins because it’s a vegetable, but it is nowhere near as nutritional as eating a washed, unpeeled raw carrot would be. 

Every individual cannabinoid and terpene in a hemp plant has a very specific effect over biochemistry and even the primary studies on this entourage effect have indicated a significantly greater benefit to allowing these compounds to work together rather than splitting them apart. 


As you can see, full spectrum treatment may have significantly more impactful medical benefits than isolates. It’s a newly explored option of therapeutic treatment that allows hundreds of natural cannabinoids to work in harmony on your body.