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What CBD Product Is Right for Me?

You’d have to be living under a rock lately to miss all the buzz about CBD. You probably already know CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural bioactive compound found in the hemp plant. You probably also know CBD won’t make you high. You want to try it, but how do you decide which CBD product is right for you?

Must-haves: a caring, dedicated CBD maker

First impressions count! CBD is so new that every CBD company is different. You should look for a company that’s totally transparent with you, their customer. Find companies that do independent lab testing that will tell you how pure their products are. Look for companies that have clearly-identified ingredients, and information you can understand.

Look for purity all around!

CBD is a natural plant-based compound. If you’re buying a CBD topical, sublingual drops or tinctures, or a balm or rub, make sure the CBD and other cannabinoids are pure. Look for clear labelling and information about all of the ingredients, including essential oils and other natural ingredients.

With all the buzz about CBD, we can’t emphasize how important it is that you buy CBD from a company that cares. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but when a product is as hot as CBD is right now, there will be some substandard products trying to be sold out there. They might not contain CBD, might have less than they state they have on the package, or they might contain contaminants from fertilizers and pesticides.

How much should I take to start?

How much CBD to take is one of the biggest questions everyone has when they’re thinking about trying it. It’s not easy to get a straight answer from some CBD articles.

So here’s the deal. CBD isn’t 100% bioavailable. It has different bioavailability in different forms.

What does this mean? If you take 10 drops of a CBD tincture, part of the tincture will be used by your body. Some of the CBD your body doesn’t use immediately can be stored for later. Another part of the CBD won’t be used.

CBD’s bioavailability is different from person to person and product to product. Bioavailability also varies depending on the way you take CBD. Vaping CBD offers the highest bioavailability. You get more CBD in your body faster when you vape but the effects don’t last as long as an oral tincture. Balms and rubs get CBD into your skin, muscles, and joints.

If you’re taking oral CBD, most people start taking 5 to 10 mg of CBD per dose. If you’re rubbing a CBD balm or salve on painful joints or muscles, you can reapply the balm as much as you need. CBD applied to your skin is absorbed by local receptors. It doesn’t go into your bloodstream like oral tinctures or vapes. A bath bomb will soak the CBD and any other soothing ingredients over your entire body.

So which CBD product is best for me?

What have you been thinking about taking CBD to potentially benefit? You’ll find unique CBD products for just about any purpose, from CBD treats for dogs and cats to CBD infused water and CBD chocolates.

The way you’ll take CBD should be influenced by your needs. If you have discomfort in your joints and muscles, you may find that a CBD rub or balm to be the most effective product for you. For all-over relaxation and restoration, a bath bomb may be the perfect solution to deliver CBD to all areas of your body. Or maybe if you are tossing and turning all night long because you have too much on your mind, an oral CBD product could be the most effective for you.

Some people have even replaced their morning cup of coffee with a CBD tincture mixed with peppermint and B Vitamins!

Can I overdose or get high on CBD?

No — and if you’re thinking about CBD for your pet, they won’t get high from it either. CBD is bioavailable. No CBD overdoses have ever been recorded. Some of the studies that have been conducted on CBD so far gave people very high doses of CBD, up to 900 mg at a time. None of the people in the studies had an overdose or a “high” effect.

What do they mean when they say full-spectrum CBD?

CBD is just one of hundreds of natural compounds found in the hemp plant. Although there aren’t hundreds of studies, some research into the hemp plant’s potential benefits shows that CBD works better in synergy with other natural plant compounds like terpenoids and flavonoids. These are aromatic compounds responsible for great smells and flavors from plants and herbs.

How do I know how to buy the right CBD?

If you’re looking for the best CBD products, there’s a few “must haves” that you shouldn’t compromise on:

  • A caring, responsible company that stands by its products
  • Test results available for all products
  • All ingredients clearly labeled
  • Full-spectrum CBD products (CBD works best in synergy with other complementing compounds)
  • Specializing in selected high-quality products

Find the CBD product that best fits your needs. Go with a solid company that cares about its products and about you. Start out slow and see what benefits CBD can offer you!