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Royal & Pure

CBD Hemp Oil TinctureS

Full Spectrum Tinctures.

  • AM Tincture w/B12
  • PM Tincture w/Melatonin
  • 1000mg Regular Anytime Use Tincture
  • PLUS… 500mg Bacon Flavored Tincture For Your Furry, Four-Legged Family Member.

What are CBD tinctures?

CBD tinctures are made by steeping hemp plant material in high-proof alcohol or vegetable oils. This process allows the active ingredients in the hemp to become a more concentrated liquid.

Flavorings are added to some tinctures to make them more palatable for those who don’t particularly like the natural flavor of cannabis. Coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil are also standard components in CBD oil and make them easier to consume.

Royal and Pure tinctures are peppermint flavored, but we also have a pet tincture in bacon flavor to help soothe your furry friends.

Tinctures can be taken with a beverage, food, or directly under the tongue. Our range of tinctures conveniently come with a dropper which makes measuring out dosages easy.

The benefits of CBD oil

People tend to use CBD products to help treat a range of conditions, including:

  • Pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Skin problems

Researchers have extensively studied the effectiveness of CBD for pain management.

A 2018 review compared the results of several studies looking at the use of CBD for pain. The study concluded that current research supports the use of CBD in treating chronic pain. Another review from 2020 found that CBD is an excellent alternative for treating chronic pain that is hard to manage, especially when conventional medications aren’t working.

Promising research also suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. Several studies are optimistic, with findings suggesting that CBD may effectively reduce inflammation that worsens conditions like acne and arthritis.

Sleep deprivation is another reason to stock up on CBD oil. A study looking at how CBD affects individuals who suffer from sleeplessness found that administering the compound improved their overall sleep quality.

Taking a few drops of a CBD oil to ease social anxiety before an event or before bed to de-stress may also benefit your well-being. Studies suggest that CBD has a calming effect on some patients and may help diminish those feelings of stress and anxiety.

Although research is still in its infancy, it is promising, and many experts are optimistic about what the future holds for CBD as a form of therapy.

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How do tinctures work?

What sets our CBD bath bombs apart from the competition? Quality.

Our bath bombs are made with the health and wellbeing of our customers in mind, tested by third party lab. Handmade here in the USA, our bath bombs include nourishing and moisturizing ingredients as well as natural essential oils to care for your skin and maximize relaxation. We include Epsom salts, which are often used as a soothing muscle soak.

We use third party lab-tested, THC-free CBD, which is extracted from 100% organic Colorado-grown hemp. 

 Hemp and hemp-derived CBD products are legal in every US state. Because our CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it’s legal to buy and use throughout the United States — as are all of our products!

The answer is our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS primarily consists of three components:

      Endocannabinoids, which are molecules similar to cannabinoids made by our bodies

      Endocannabinoid receptors, which allow endocannabinoids to bind to them to trigger the ECS

      Enzymes, which disintegrate endocannabinoids after they have finished “working.”

Overall, the ECS is what allows cannabinoids to cause specific effects in our bodies.


When using tinctures, or any CBD product, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Shake the bottle before use, expel the drops under your tongue, and wait about 60 seconds before swallowing.

Are CBD tinctures safe to use?

CBD is relatively safe for humans to use, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

While many people can consume CBD without experiencing side effects, it may lead to minor side effects in others. Some reported side effects include nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, and appetite changes.

It is important to remember that although people rarely experience side effects from CBD, you should consult a medical doctor if you plan on using CBD for any chronic diseases. It is also good to check if you may be sensitive to any of the ingredients added to tinctures.

You should always check the labels of any medication you are taking to ensure that it does not interact with CBD. Look out for medicines with a grapefruit warning. What this means is that you cannot take CBD with that specific medicine.

CBD is also safe for pets to ingest. Most of the research is done on dogs, cats & horses. Here is a study on how CBD is well-tolerated by dogs.

Why use Royal & Pure tinctures?

When shopping for CBD tinctures, it is crucial to know the source of the hemp used to manufacture the tinctures. At Royal & Pure, we pride ourselves on our transparency. We have certificates of analysis to verify the exceptional quality of each of our products.

Our tinctures are made with high-quality organically farmed hemp (grown in Colorado), meaning you can rest assured that you are using a safe, good-quality product. Our products are not only all-natural but also vegan friendly.

We have tinctures designed explicitly for morning and evening use.

Our PM CBD Tincture Hemp Oil will help you have a restful night, with added melatonin to help ease into a calm state.

Our AM CBD Tincture Hemp Oil will help to kick start your day in the right way. It has added vitamin B12, which helps clear up your mind and put you well in the mood for the day ahead.

Go ahead – revitalize your well-being with one of our delicious peppermint-flavored tinctures. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using top-quality products made from pure, all-natural ingredients.


49 Responses

  1. I bought the CBD oil from the daily offer to give it a try because I had trouble falling asleep and was pleasantly surprised.
    After taking it, I became much more relaxed after a certain exposure time and was able to fall asleep / sleep through the night. The taste was also pleasant for me as a non-smoker / non-pothead.

    The only disadvantage: the bottle is unfortunately used up too quickly and is also little expensive. Here I recommend checking directly with the supplier on the homepage to see whether you can benefit from any promotions here.

  2. This was my first order of CBD ever, and therefore my first contact with company. They are very customer-oriented, giving excellent feedback via email from the placement of the order to advising me of each step throughout the shipment process. I received my CBD oil quickly and without a single problem. I am using it for a few days now. The product seems to be of very high quality and worth taking the plunge for. Of course, I need to take it for longer to know the actual result, but I have high hopes and confidence that it will help me. Based on my experience with Royal to date, I will definitely buy from them again, and absolutely will recommend them to anyone looking for CBD oil. You’re a good company Enecta, keep up the good work – nicely done! Thank you !!!

  3. Hi, I’m very happy with Royal’s products. Personally, I use CBD when I feel menstrual pain.Therefore, I get well. It’s such good product for me that I stopped using ibuprofen. In addition, I think it is so great like relaxing, for example, It can help you in a differents situations like public speaking, performance so on. Usually I take it and It’s so effective.

  4. Hello, it’s been around two years since using the CBD, and i have to say that this product is wonderful.
    Since i started to use it, i’m sleeping better, i’m less stressed, and i’m using it also when i have migraine or some other pain, it is very useful.

    I have to say that with the best prices and the great quality of Pure’s products, for me it is impossible to change provider now.

  5. The CBD face cream is very good after trying so many different face creams I was very surprised that this actually started working after only an hour or two, clearing up dry skin around my eyes and nose, also the CBD body oil seems to have soothed my aches and pains around the lower back area and is especially soothing on my neck where I have a large scar due to having a stroke recently, it again soothed the aching feeling in my neck.

    Fantastic CBD Products and I will be renewing my order through this supplier very soon.

    Thanks very much.

  6. There is a lot of talk about this type of product and I wanted to give it a try. My daughter uses it with an autism spectrum disorder and we begin to notice more emotional stability and a more controlled mood….we will continue using it and giving the opportunity for beneficial effects to appear.

  7. 3% CBD oil containing 1000mg of CBD in the 30ml bottle. Lately we are hearing a lot about these products. We all know, at least by hearsay, the properties of hemp seeds. I have no intention of promoting or warning against its consumption. I have tried it to improve sleep problems and muscle pain.
    My test consisted of taking 5 drops under the tongue every night (depending on weight). I try to leave it for a while but it’s not easy. Compared to others I’ve tried it tastes pretty good. It has a taste of peppermint, not so much pure and hard oil. Depending on your problems the doses will be higher or lower.
    After almost four weeks I have been able to verify that I rest a little better, at least during the time that I am asleep. It doesn’t work miracles. It’s not a sleeping pill. I also get up a little later (I can last longer in bed, come on). As for improving muscle pain, well, slightly.
    One thing that I find difficult is putting drops in my mouth with a dropper (don’t forget to shake the bottle first). I don’t see how many fall or some go outside. I guess there is no way to make it better.
    I’m going to stick with it for now. I’ll see if I continue when it’s over. The packaging and quantity are well priced, considering other options. Of the ones I’ve tried, this is the one I liked the most. Relieve tension and rest better the time you are asleep. It’s like sleeping soundly as long as you sleep.

  8. The order arrived very quickly, it comes in a very practical dropper, since it is very easy to dose, the flavor is not unpleasant, it does not taste bad. It is also great that at any time you can contact professionals to help and advise you. I still can’t comment on the effectiveness since I’ve been taking it for a few days and it takes a while to start noticing the benefits, but I’m sure they will be noticed soon.

  9. Hello! I am using the CBD Hemp Oil with 1000mg terpenes, and I am amazed at how fast it works! It doesn’t take me 15 minutes and I’m already asleep!!!
    I work the night shift every other day, and sometimes it’s a bit hard to sleep because of the time changes. With Royal & Pure CBD my problems are over!
    I thought it would take a few days to take effect, as it said in the manual, but from the first moment it has been effective. My congratulations for the wonderful product you have.

  10. Excellent quality, perfect!
    Insomniac for years, I finally found an effective natural product that gives me real sleep!
    And in addition it relieves me of back pain and during my periods!
    I had a little problem with my order because it was done at the same time as an update of the site, so I contacted the site through their Facebook page and they were very efficient and above all responsive! I am very satisfied and recommend these products!

  11. Flawless! I recommend 1.000%.

    When the 30% is out, I take the 25% and possibly add 1 drop. I discovered CBD oil almost a year ago, and it was a REVELATION for me (I am weighing my words).

    I am very anxious by nature, prone to insomnia, migraine, I have very full days, a lot of responsibilities, and for the past few years, I have been able to relax less and less despite yoga and meditation. Incidentally, I have double epilepsy (daily absences and occasional tonic-clonic seizures). In short, a lot of things piled up. Well, CBD oil has had an absolutely magical effect on ALL of these disorders.

    I take 3 drops of 20 or 25% in the morning, possibly another 2 or 3 drops at midday on days when I’m stressed, and 5 drops of 35 or 40% at night when I go to bed.

    Result: I am much less stressed throughout the day, and above all, at the end of the day, I feel tired and no longer tense, which means that I no longer have any problems with falling asleep. Finally, last but not least: I sleep like a baby again most of the time! Too good 🙂 I was able to completely stop sleeping pills.

    Moreover, and it’s really spectacular: the frequency of my headaches has decreased very clearly, as have epileptic absences (it’s just day and night compared to before).

    Finally, my darling, not very keen on “sleep aids” or food supplements (even less on cannabis!), who is “normally” stressed and has no headaches or epilepsy problems but does occasional insomnia, occasionally takes 4-5 drops but only in the evening when he feels it is necessary. Result: he has great nights and is delighted.

    In short: CBD brings me an incomparable quality of life. I specify in passing that after having ordered on other sites, I am now loyal to the CBD Royal, I will no longer order elsewhere. Excellent quality products and top notch customer service. Thank you 🙂

  12. I’ve been taking the oil for quite a while now – not all the time, but only when I have the feeling that I need it – and I have to say I’m really calmer and my inner restlessness always subsides. My sleep quality has also improved (I dream much more realistically, fall asleep deeper and faster).

  13. I got the CBD oil for my pain and am totally satisfied. I have suffered from knee pain since I was 21. Nothing helped. Several arthroscopies and a change of axis made me an early retiree. Now I am pain free and totally happy.

  14. Because I’m often restless in the evening, I decided on this product after consulting the hotline. As soon as I lay in bed, no matter how tired I was, I was already alert and my thoughts were circling. The cbd helps me a lot. I really notice how the actual tiredness catches up with me again and the thought “silts up” more and more. By the way, my husband, who at first thought I was crazy for trying something like this, is already using it himself.

  15. First impression: It tastes much better than the CBD drops I’ve come across – do the drops actually work? Second impression: the drops actually work! Especially in the cold, foggy, short days, I have learned to appreciate these little helpers. Thank you – gladly again.

  16. I am very stunned. I don’t usually write reviews, but I really want to share my positive experience with CBD oil and report it as a basic “skeptic”. Already after the first week I felt a significant improvement in my muscle and joint pain. In addition, I am mentally better, I feel better and more balanced all around. I can recommend the product to anyone who needs an all-rounder for any complaints. Value for money just great!

  17. I ordered the oil because I suffer from severe mood swings. The oil has really helped me after 3 weeks of taking it, I feel more stable again and have the feeling that I can “act” my emotions better again. Maybe I’ll order the bundle soon.

  18. I’m not a newbie when it comes to CBD oil, I’ve tried a few oils from other companies, including Royal and what can I say, I got my 2nd delivery today, 3 x 30ml. Super fast delivery and very nicely packaged. My PNP with nightly “short circuits” are noticeably alleviated and made more bearable with this oil. So I will continue to be a satisfied customer as long as it brings me an improvement.

  19. A very good offer, if you have previously dealt with the CBD topic, you can buy a good product here at an unbeatable price. The effect sets in relatively quickly, primarily calming and stress-relieving, my joint problems have also improved somewhat. I was able to taper off the cortisone. However, one should deal with the topic of CBD oil in order to be able to fully exploit the potential. I will continue to buy the product.

  20. My bottle has the pipette shown, so there are no problems with dosing. The pain has improved significantly since the first dose. I sleep more relaxed, which is why I don’t wake up with additional tension and can get through everyday life a little more relaxed and concentrated. If I had known the effect, I would have ordered the double pack instead of trying the single bottle.

  21. At first I was a bit skeptical and reluctant to use the drops. Then I tried the product. I only take 2 drops under the tongue in the evening before going to sleep and after about 20 – 30 minutes I notice how tired my eyes are. Then I fall asleep and wake up rested in the morning. Also the nocturnal “having to get out” has stopped completely; instead I sleep through. I’ve also noticed that I’m no longer tense when I get up – I can’t say whether that’s due to the CBD drops themselves or the calm and relaxed sleep, but I gratefully accept this “side effect”.

  22. I have to give a compliment from the heart. The service, the presentation of the package (to be postponed) – everything looks very personal and lovingly designed. You can feel that you do not only get valuable products here, but that there are also people behind them who personally take care of the needs of their customers and have made this their task! Thank you for so much feeling and interest in making you feel comfortable as a customer. Best wishes and lots of success.

  23. I bought this oil with the intention of being able to sleep better with it and thus getting rid of my antidepressants.. I’m thrilled, I sleep much more calmly and longer… and my migraine attacks are no longer since taking this oil. Thank you very much and I will certainly remain your customer…

  24. If you have dealt extensively with CBD, then you also know that CBD does not help everyone, unfortunately that is the case with many alternative herbal remedies, but the manufacturer cannot do anything about that. I tried CBD for the second time (previously from another manufacturer) and I can say that I find Royal’s CBD oil to be very pure and of high quality. Unfortunately, it gives me stomach pains, which has nothing to do with the oil, unfortunately I have a very sensitive stomach and the problem also occurs with other things that I take. So I had to cancel it and contacted manufacturer and was immediately offered a return and refund. I wanted to take CBD primarily for my pain and to improve sleep. It’s a shame that I can’t take it… I can definitely recommend Royal.

  25. I am very satisfied with the products and despite trying out comparable products from other manufacturers, I am happy to come back here. Delivery is fast and in beautiful packaging!
    My only criticism is the amount of informational material that is sent with every order. I have already received the information booklet about CBD with my orders several times and from a sustainable perspective. One could perhaps intervene there. Otherwise everything is great : )

  26. Now, after years of lurking around this subject with hesitation, I plucked up my courage and tried this CBD oil – because it was free. The package arrived after a few days, very neat presentation, good information material included. Since then I’ve been using it regularly and I’m really happy with it. The sleep alone has improved, which has an effect on form and mood. Also my chronic pain has greatly reduced after about two weeks.
    If only I had started sooner!!!

  27. I love this oil because I can sleep super deep and calm with it. I used to have problems and had to take sleeping pills. Now I take 2-3 before going to bed and after a short time I feel the relaxing effect of the lavender. I have already reordered the oil for the third time. It is and will always be my favorite product.

  28. I bought this lavender flavored CBD oil because I have trouble sleeping.
    The taste is really great and the effect of CBD oil is combined with the effect of lavender essential oil.
    Fast delivery and I am very satisfied with the quality.
    The manufacturer states that the hemp oil as a basis meets the highest standard, and you can taste it.
    Regarding the effect of CBD, I can say that it is extremely helpful to me personally, including against fears and worries. I sleep very well with it and am more relaxed all around.
    Many of my friends and acquaintances have tried it on my recommendation and are also enthusiastic.
    I finally found something that helps naturally!
    I am more than satisfied and give a clear purchase recommendation for the CBD oil from the Royal brand!

  29. I think the combo of CBD and lavender is just awesome, I sleep like a baby with it! I have known the brand for a long time and I am very enthusiastic. The oil is pleasant and doesn’t burn the throat as much. As I said, the effect is unique, my sleep has been calm and deep since I’ve been taking the CBD. In contrast to other helpers such as valerian or tea, I find it much better, it helps and you are in top shape, no extra tiredness or anything like that the next day. Works naturally and I feel better than ever!

  30. A friend recommended this CBD oil to me because it helps her sleep so well. I’ve had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for a number of years. That’s why I tried it right away. The oil tastes a bit bitter but also delicious because of the mint taste. I usually take it 2 hours before bed at night, and then I sleep very well. I manage to sleep through the night for 7-8 hours with the cbd oil and it makes me feel a lot better. I’ve been taking it regularly for almost a year and I really like the effect. Had tried many other things before the cbd oil, for example valerian, lasea or a sleeping tea, but none of them really helped me. I’m so glad I finally found something that’s also natural and helps me sleep better.

  31. The best CBD oil on the market by far! Not only does it help more than I could have imagined, it also tastes super delicious! I really like the brand, they know how to make a good product! The bottle is slightly purple because it’s an UV glass, really special. Price-performance top.

  32. I start to use this to relieve my anxiety after reading about cbd oil and asking people who is taking it. It works for me, i am not saying i’m not anxious anymore but i don’t have the the symptoms link with anxiety such as pain in the chest, panic attack and restless night which sometimes make me feel I can’t fonction properly as the anxiety is taking over everything because It made me feel so bad physically and make you mind run wild and worry imagining all sort that can be wrong with me. it make me feel calmer, not having the symptoms i cope better and don’t get worry for having a heart attack during chest pain or panic attack. I take it in the morning now, but when i started i took it in the evening because i had weeks of restless nights, I did sleep well with it and when i regain a good sleeping pattern, i switch for the morning. i tried to stop taking it to see if i was ok without it now after 2 months on it, i managed 2 weeks and my anxiety symptoms came back so I am back on it and become a regular user now.

  33. I started taking this on recommendation from my son to help with my joint problems and well being. I’ve been taking it for two months and i have seen an improvement in my well being and pain. I may need to take a higher dose as I wanted to start low to see how I felt. Very impressed with product.

  34. On recommendation I started taking CBD oil for my migraines. I have suffered with severe migraines for 40 years I’m on regular medication but I haven’t found anything that has managed to stop them. Prior to taking the oil I was having a migraine every week, I have had 1 in 2 months since taking the oil.

  35. I suffer from arthritis and joint pain and a friend recommended that I try CBD oil. I started about a year ago, following strict guidelines from a pharmacist. The change has been amazing and I know this because there were a few weeks late last year when I ran out. I started noticing aching joints and painful fingers again. Once I received my order of this product, the symptoms once again disappeared. I recommend this particular CBD oil to my friends who suffer like I did. It does also help with sleep too. I have tried a few of the other brands but I always come back to this one.

  36. Pain in the muscles and joints, a morning wash with stiff joints and the feeling of being 100 years old were the order of the day. Now after 6 days of taking (5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening), an unbelievable improvement has occurred for me. I’m like new. If it stays that way, it would be a dream.

  37. I tested the drops for 7 days. While looking for help for my chronic back pain caused by a herniated disc, I came across CBD. I have to say the oil helps me a lot. The pain is less, but above all I am much more relaxed and can deal with it better. Top product.

  38. I’ve tried so much and nothing has even remotely helped! I have extreme problems with fibromyalgia and can hardly move in the morning or after long periods of sitting etc. and suffer from extreme bone stiffness, I had a hard time sleeping and was extremely tired during the day, have been taking the oil for 10 days in the morning and evening and I feel like I am a new person. I am ready to go in the mornings and have hardly any fatigue, no bone stiffness and overall I feel super good! I can hardly believe it myself, I have spent thousands of dollars on medication, doctors, etc. and no one really helped me, I should take medication whose side effects are worse than my symptoms! I am just happy that I feel so good so easily and without any side effects, unbelievable!

  39. Just great.
    The product and also the service!
    Super fast smooth process.
    I’ve been doing so well since I started taking the oil.
    In addition, I drink 2 cups of tea a day and finally I have quality of life again.
    I suffer from inflammatory adhesions on the lining of the uterus and have indescribably severe pain before and during the menstrual period.
    Also all accompanying symptoms such as muscle pain, headache, tiredness, nausea, etc …
    Thank you for such a great product.

  40. I do not tolerate headache pills and, or they have no effect ..
    When I took the drops with 10% for one of my disgusting migraine attacks, I was immediately enthusiastic! I couldn’t move my eyes again for 10 minutes, after which my head and neck were relaxed. After about 15 minutes the drops have made it so that I can enjoy the day again with a smile! Thanks!

  41. I have already tried a few cbd oils and have not felt such an effect with any other. My muscles loosen up after a few minutes, for the same effect I would have to take chemical muscle relaxants … it totally helps with my back pain and physical tension. Highly Recommended!

  42. I stumbled upon the topic of CBD oils on the internet by chance. I was so curious that I ordered a bottle. My expectation was clearly exceeded. I feel much better and sleep deeply and soundly after taking it before going to bed until I wake up. I no longer feel exhausted. The drops have a calming effect that does not make you sluggish.

  43. After 3 intervertebral disc operations, my father was tied to increasingly strong painkillers for years. Last escalation level was finally prescription narcotics . He started using CBD hemp oil last year. The amount of prescription drugs was then reduced to 25%. Years later, my father’s face is colored again, and you can see that he is much better. And that in a natural way and without side effects.

  44. I have been taking this oil for about 3 weeks before going to sleep (3 drops under my tongue) and I have to say that the quality of my sleep has absolutely improved. Otherwise I woke up often and rolled around – now I hardly wake up. Absolutely great!

  45. I’ve been using the oil for a few weeks for an anxiety disorder PTSD. I have to say it definitely saved me! No drug had anywhere near this calming, anti-anxiety effect. Apart from the fact that most SSRIs have severe side effects, which is not the case here. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner. Would have saved me a few experiments with psychotropic drugs (and some severe side effects).

  46. If I had known how much the hemp oil helps with my endometriosis symptoms, I would have bought it much earlier. I no longer have the same pain since I’ve been taking the oil regularly. If I do have the pain is is usually not as severe. Otherwise I would run around with it for several days, pain pills didn’t help much. I can only recommend the drops! I noticed an improvement in my symptoms after just one week of taking it.

  47. Have been using the full spectrum cbd oil for approx 8 months to a year since it was recommended by a friend. It has helped a great deal with my shoulder & back discomfort as well as my sleep!! I’ve recommended it to 3 people so far…It really works well for me.

  48. I’ve been skeptical of trying CBD tinctures but it’s probably the best decision I have ever made! I suffer with depression and anxiety and the oil has calmed me down and sleep better. I like the taste of the oil too it makes it easy to take everyday highly recommend this to anyone who needs it.

  49. This oil has been beyond helpful in naturally managing my post partum anxiety. I was experiencing things I never had and wanted to avoid medication that my doctor kept suggesting. I decided to try this. I am about a month in now and have found my perfect dose. It has been incredible for me.

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