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7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Strong

Most people know that dogs are man’s best friend and cats make awesome pets too. It can be devastating when our pets begin to show the telltale signs of illness.

Maybe our pet’s eyes are the barometer of their inner health but there are other signs to look out for. We need to recognize these signs as our pets can’t tell us what is wrong with them. Some signs that your dog may be ill –

  • Drooling and bad breath
  • Shaking of the head
  • Drinking and sleeping more than usual
  • Dry, red and cloudy eyes
  • Labored breathing

We’re Guardians of our Pet’s Health

Just like with people, a cat and dog’s health changes with age, but whatever your pet’s age, as guardians of our pet’s health, we need to be doing all we can to ensure they remain healthy and strong throughout their time with us.

We look at 7 ways to keep your pet healthy and strong –

1. Provide your pet with Supplements

A good diet is the foundation of health, and your pet needs to be digesting and absorbing his food properly. There are always some essentials that a  cat and dog can benefit from. Dogs and cats require both Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for optimal health. These essential fatty acids reduce inflammatory processes in the body. This is important as it lessens the effects of arthritis and other problems that develop because of inflammation.

The beauty about  Royal & Pure’s organic full spectrum hemp pet oil is that it is ideal for cats and dogs. The organic hemp in the product has been cultivated to be the very best, and the bacon flavor is guaranteed to ensure your pet accepts it with relish.

This all-natural Full Spectrum 100% Non-GMO oil is absorbed quickly when you sprinkle a bit on their food or you give it to your pet orally. The bottle comes complete with a glass dropper with each 0.5ml serving containing 9mg. If you want a healthy immune system, oils like this may just be what you need for your pet to promote overall good health.

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2. Provide your pet with a nutritious meal twice a day

Puppies need 4 bowls of food a day and adults 2 bowls a day. There are excellent commercially manufactured foods on the market. Make sure you go for the high-quality ones to avoid your pet consuming the poorer quality ones. These are often packed with preservatives, colorants and ‘devoid of nutrients’ fillers. Make sure your pet always has access to a bowl of fresh, cool water.

3. Don’t allow your pet to Become Obese

It is true that by allowing your pet to become overweight, you shorten his or her life. By keeping your pet at a healthy weight and shape, you lower the risk of him getting a respiratory disease, cancer, joint problems and diabetes.

Keeping your pet in shape gives them a chance to enjoy a more active, longer life. If you feed your pet commercially manufactured food, stick to the portion sizes recommended on the packaging. Steer clear of feeding your pet treats and human foods such as biscuits when he looks at you when you’re eating.

 Make sure your pet doesn’t become a couch potato but that he is exercised each day with walks and ball games.  Your vet can offer you lots of advice on how to keep your pet in shape.

4. Have your pet vaccinated

Pets need vaccines to protect them from some of the life-threatening pet diseases such as parvo and rabies. These vaccines build up immunity against diseases and many countries mandate these vaccines against rabies.  Some of the other more common cat and dog diseases that require vaccines are canine distemper virus, canine parainfluenza and feline calicivirus among others.

5. Groom your pet and show your love

Some cats and dogs have long hair that will need to be brushed to keep it free from matting. Some dogs are professionally trimmed at groomers. Make your pet’s grooming session a bonding period. Love and stroke your pet and at the same time check him over for any unusual, new lumps on his body that could be indicative of cancer. Your pet can’t tell you about toothache so check inside the mouth to ensure there are no bad teeth. Make the grooming session enjoyable and therapeutic for your pet.

6. Spay or neuter your pet

Not only does spaying and neutering your pet keep unwanted puppies or kittens at bay, but it is also good for your pet. Your pet will live longer because, with your female pet, it can prevent uterine infections. Spaying your pet offers protection from certain cancers and neutering your male dog also prevents testicular cancer as well as prostate problems. Generally, pets that have been spayed or neutered are better behaved – they’re calmer and more companionable.   

7. Keep your pet Parasite free

Dogs and cats can become infected with internal and external parasites, some of which can be life-threatening. Worse some of these diseases caused by worms, ticks, and fleas can be transmitted to humans. They can cause your pet a lot of misery in terms of pain and itchiness and drive your pet mad with frustration. Your veterinarian can help diagnose and prevent parasite infestations.

A Loved Pet is a Healthy Pet

Communicate with your pet so he feels loved and not left out. When a dog is well looked after and loved, he benefits in a positive way and responds by being your best friend and companion. You’ll see his gratitude for this care by his wagging tail, wet nose, and bright, shiny eyes and coat.