5 Natural and Healthy Ways to Start Your Day with Energy

We don’t seem to have problems with feeling livelier during summer but in winter, we just don’t seem to be able to rev up our energy. True, the 21st century is all about high-stress levels, our over-exposure to electromagnetic fields, our toxic foods, often laden with pesticides and our lack of exercise. When you do research on ways to supercharge your body, there are many ways you can do it.

Here, we’re going to look at 5 natural and healthy ways you can start your day with energy – 

1. Breathe

The air that we breathe only contains about 21% oxygen which means we need to know how to breathe well so as to make good of that which we breathe in. Stress drains you of energy and diaphragmatic breathing strengthens this particular muscle and helps you breathe better. Belly breathing affects the entire body, lowering stress levels and reducing blood pressure. Lowering stress levels encourages more energy.

2. Eat lots of fresh fruit and Veggies

There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables to eat. Who doesn’t love juicy pineapples, prickly pears and kiwi fruit? Did you know that research has been done and it has been found that the kiwi fruit’s high vitamin C content helps with activating the enzymes in your body that produce energy. So fresh fruit definitely boosts mood and energy levels.

3. Cuddle a Pet

Pet lovers will tell you that a cheerful, friendly, loving, playful pet brings instant joy. There are untold physical and mental health benefits to be had with owning a pet. Dogs and cats can reduce stress and depression and encourage exercise and interaction. A dog that looks up into your eyes beseechingly for a walk encourages energy. A walk a day will keep you fit and healthy well into old age. A walk in the morning is one of the best ways to boost your energy for the rest of the day.

4. Relax in a bath with soothing Additives

How about adding a Bath Bomb to your bath water so you can experience sheer bliss washing over you? Containing 35mg of CBD hemp oil, this awesome product is produced from 100% organic Colorado-grown hemp. CBD Bath Bombs may well promote soothing peace and you’ll step out the bath feeling energized, while also feeling utterly relaxed.

5. Feel Good Supplements

Supplements are a fab option for feeling more energized. CBD Oils are a popular choice, especially when you go for a ‘full-spectrum’ CBD oil instead of an isolate. Royal & Pure offers their Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Hemp Oil/AM B12 which contains cannabinoids and original compounds found in the hemp plant. It has a peppermint flavor and comes with full-spectrum CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC. The product is 100% non-GMO. It may help you kick start your day with optimal energy. It comes with a glass dropper which allows you to place it under the tongue in the morning. This ensures it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

The secret to getting products like this which may promote energy and boost your metabolism is to get them from a reputable company. Royal & Pure have members who have all been involved in the Hemp CBD revolution and each one is dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier, more energized lives.

 We need energy otherwise we become a drag to ourselves and those around us. With the right attitude and approach, as well as the right products, you may well benefit with healthier nerve function, a spike in energy levels and a boost in your metabolism. 

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