5 Healthy Habits For A Better Night Of Sleep

Sleep is of critical importance to children and adults as it provides mental and physical rest and restoration. The 21st century is packed full of sensory stimuli of which sleep disturbances are a symptom.

We’ve all experienced times where we battle to sleep. Our brains go on processing sensory stimuli even when we’re asleep, and every little noise keeps us awake hour after hour. There are so many benefits to a good night’s sleep that it becomes important to know what healthy habits there are for a better night of sleep.

1. Exercise regularly

The National Sleep Foundation tells us that working out regularly can improve your sleep quality apart from it offering other positive health benefits. Aerobic activities such as walking, swimming, and cycling can get your heart rate up and exercise like this has shown to improve sleep. Yoga poses and stretches together with breathing exercises can also be of tremendous help, more so if stress is what is keeping you awake.

2. Quiet, Uncluttered Bedroom

For a good night’s rest, make sure your bedroom is uncluttered and quiet. Psychologists easily say ‘cluttered mind, cluttered room’ and it is true. Sleeping in chaos causes people to have sleeping disorders. Tidy up your room, dispose of unused, unwanted stuff and feel lighter, freer and ready for a better night’s sleep. 

3. Have a Good Mattress and Pillow

The ideal mattress for a good night’s sleep is different for each person. Some people like a firmer mattress while others want something softer. Most people like a mattress that isn’t too hard or too soft. This kind of mattress will provide your spine with both support and cushioning.

Your pillow too is important. If you’re still sleeping on a worn-out pillow of 10 years, folding it to keep your head comfortable, it’s time for an update to ensure better sleeping posture so as to steer clear of a stiff neck and back.

4. If you’re anxious, try and deal with the issues before sleep

Stress and anxiety cause insomnia and sleeping problems. It’s a vicious circle as a lack of sleep causes more anxiety. There are simple strategies that can help you lessen your anxiety. Make notes of the things causing you stress and try to eliminate them. Meditating before sleep or listening to relaxation music can also help a great deal.  Try and get into the habit of ‘slowing down’ before lights out.

5. Stay away from alcohol and nicotine – Opt for something Therapeutic

Nicotine and alcohol have stimulating effects and certainly, if you’re tired, nicotine acts as a stimulant, not only keeping you awake but also alert. To help with calming your mind, Royal & Pure, involved in the Hemp CBD revolution since 2013, have a team who want to show you how you can live a healthier life and enjoy better sleep patterns.

Their products such as the CBD Tincture Hemp Oil/PM Sleep are made from 100% organic hemp, are gluten-free as well as being non-GMO hemp. The tincture can help to calm your body, mind, and soul, and thus may prove to be a great help in allowing you to have a restful sleep. The pleasant peppermint flavor oil comes with a marked dropper for easy measuring.

Sleep Importance for Functioning Properly

With so much activity going on in our busy, modern world, you can’t afford to stay awake at night. CBD Tincture Hemp oil may help promote relaxation and a much-improved sleep pattern, plus there is the possibility of other health benefits too.

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